group intermediate advance pole fitness class

What it’s really like in a pole dancing class

I know every studio class is different… each studio teaches in their own way and classes are different!

So I can only tell you about Pole Sessions!

Most people imagine a Pole Class to be full of bikini clad 6ft models, dancing around, with legs for days and 8 inch pole shoes on… Sexily shaking their asses and crawling around on the floor.

Well let me tell you it’s not!

Once you walk into the studio you are welcomed by ‘normal’ women who are all there to get fit, have a laugh and learn a fun new skill.

We spend most of the time in a heap on the floor in fits of laughter, or on the pole trying our hardest to hold a move to get a picture.

We use mats for everything upside down and never do routines or wear heels (unless it’s for our heels classes). It’s just Fitness!

There’s no ‘sexy’ crawls, just lots of different moves to try! The girls all help each other… they pass you you’re leg if you can’t reach, or help you hold the pole. I’m usually holding people up… making sure they’re safe… before running backwards to take a picture (while frantically trying to find my phone which I always lose), whilst everyone in the background runs away out of the picture.

There’s cheers and claps from everyone as people master their moves and happy smiles from every direction! People scream and shout… Slide down in heaps to the floor and of course lots of happy dances and whoops!

Beginners is the same… People laughing, happy dancing and working as a team!

Many ladies come on their own to classes too. They arrive all quiet and shy and within the hour they are laughing and joking with their new friends.

Every pole class is like being with your best friends. They hold you up, be your cheerleader, get excited for you and take your picture.

Pole Sessions is truly my happy place… and it will more than likely be yours too!

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