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Vaginas, nipples and wedgies!

Firstly we’ve seen it all at Pole Sessions!

Wearing the wrong outfit can make you have slip ups (or slip downs to be more exact!) It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. Mine was whilst I was teaching a full class and demonstrating in the middle of the room! I had the wrong top on and flashed the entire class!

It never gets any less embarrassing. I had a bright red face and the poor students were in stitches laughing!

But let me tell you, as an instructor, we’ve seen it so many times! We don’t get embarrassed if you flash us anymore. Many a time we’ve just yanked up your top, so we can take a picture of your awesome new move. We’ve seen so many slip ups over the years, we’ve become oblivious to them.

How to stop your lady parts escaping

So what can you do to keep the girls from throwing off your groove at the gym?

Check out these simple tips on how to keep them in place, pain-free, and looking good during your workout

Find The Best Sports Bra

Working out without a properly fitting sports bra can wreak havoc on your boobs. When looking for a bra that will keep your girls safe and secure, try to find one that has

  • Separate cups, to stop them moving around too much.
  • A band that is snug enough that it doesn’t slide around, but not too tight.
  • A bottom edge of your bra that fits against your body and doesn’t gape away from it.
  • Straps that aren’t digging into your shoulders.

Improve Your Boob Confidence

When you’re not feeling so great about the way your girls look in fitness gear, it can be tough to nail your workout. Whilst there’s not much you can do to change the size of your rack, you can make the girls a little perkier with the right sports bra.

Find some great shorts

You’re going to be upside down a lot in pole. Add that to wide leg spreads (spreadies) and without the right pair o shorts you could feel very uncomfortable.

You want a pair that’s tight and won’t gape or move to the side.

We have some perfect shorts in stock if you want to purchase some. We also have a in house clothing designer who makes clothes to your measurements.

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