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Teaching children… Fun or a nightmare

Last year we decided to open our doors to children!

Has it been all easy? Not really! Has it been fun and rewarding? Yes!

Children are so active, once they love the classes they will come with their friends, their siblings and there’s so many of them!

At first it was a shock! We didn’t think there would be so many and our classes so popular! We had to quickly get our other instructors to help.

But once you get over the shock of them multiplying and just dropping out of the equipment expecting you to catch them! (Yes they really do this… they just let go and nearly give the instructors a heart attack), it’s so rewarding! Their little faces light up with everything you show them, they never complain (if i said stand on your head they would try!), they come and give you huge hugs and they are your biggest fan. Even the parents are lovely too.

The most rewarding aspect?

The most rewarding aspect about teaching children is, you get to watch them grow. I’m not just talking about size, I’m taking about their confidence and abilities.

Gone is the shy little baby who started a few months ago and in their place is a strong, confident, happy big kid! They talk more, they run over with the biggest grin on their faces and they are so excited to see you. You can really sense that they trust you, they know when they let go we will catch them. When they hurt themselves sparing we will wipe their tears away. Some of the students go to my son’s school, they even sneak up behind me on the school run and shout surprise attack!

Making learning fun for kids is the biggest obstacle. If you can make it fun and enjoyable for them, they are ready and willing to learn new things. Most of the time these young dancers don’t even realise they’re learning. Many a night I stay up and think of exciting games and fun warm ups for our kids classes.

Group exercise is a tool to release daily stress, a distraction from everyday worries and an outlet for imagination and emotion. I love helping them grow!

You can really tell how much they enjoy classes. I LOVE teaching children!

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