Plus size dole dancing

Are you a larger woman who’s looking to start pole dancing? Worried you won’t be able to do it? Will everyone laugh? Will the pole fall down? The ceiling?

Firstly the pole will not fall down! Neither will the ceiling! We’ve had so many different shapes and sizes on our poles over the last 8 years and not once have we had any disasters!

Big girls like to dance and be sexy too! But what if we can not do any of the moves? Don’t worry most girls can’t hold their own body weight in the beginning regardless of their size.
Is it harder to do?

There is a little bit of a disadvantage. We use a lot of momentum to swing around, so your weight won’t be a problem. You may find it slightly harder to hold your weight but that won’t take long to resolve. You’ll lose a lot of weight doing pole, so don’t get put off. They don’t say that pole dancing is a great form of exercise so that the skinnier can get skinnier.

It’s true that if you’re “bottom heavy” you’ve got more bottom to move over your top if you’re going to invert, but inverting isn’t always about your legs and bottom… it’s about your core. It’s your core that’s going to do the heavy lifting. Your core strength will improve every time you come. Many tiny girls don’t have any core strength and struggle to invert.

Try not worry about the size of your upper half compared to that of your bottom half, or the size of your clothes. Instead, develop some core strength and control.

Heavier girls sometimes have a lot of muscle in comparison to skinnier girls. This makes them strong in their ability to hold their own weight.

Most girls who come in don’t feel sexy and they are afraid of being seen in shorts, regardless of their size.

Whether you are a big or small girl, pole dance is for you…

It will take time, like everything in life that’s worth having. Stay positive, and don’t give up, you WILL get there.

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