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Keep your motivation

‘I’m too tired for pole’, ‘I need to see a friend’, ‘I deserve an rest day I’ve worked hard’, ‘My body is achy’, ‘I’m not getting anywhere fast so I’ll miss it’, ‘My favourite T.V show is on’, ‘I haven’t got time’

If you’re telling yourself these things then maybe you’ve lost your motivation. Don’t worry we can get it back!

We’ve all been there, sometimes we get bored or get stuck in a rut… Myself included!

It’s so hard when you know how much you loved pole, and now you’ve lost your Pole Mojo or Pojo as we like to call it!

Sometimes it can be as simple as your struggling with moves and feel everybody around you is progressing and you’re stuck at the same place trying to invert!

Sometimes it’s an injury that plagues all your moves or sometimes it’s just lack of motivation!

The weather can play an important part to your Pojo too… The studio is always quiet in extreme weather.

Try these tips to get back your Pojo

Remember Why You Started

Sometimes we have to think back to where we started… Did you join to lose weight? Try getting an new outfit and show off that new pole body. Make Friends? Get your pole friends around for a drink or go on a trip out. Because you wanted to be sexy and release your inhibitions? Get on your outfit and dance around.

Every class we have playtime at the end… if you want to slut drop to the floor and crawl around… do it! We don’t mind! If you want to link moves… do it! Anything we can help with we will. You can even pop in a little earlier or stay a little later if you want quiet times.

Remember What You Loved

Was your favourite part of pole class spinning upside down? Linking moves? The aching afterwards? Power-holds? Basic beginner moves?

Remember which part made you happy and work on it!

Create A Playlist

You want different music? You like to dance to Old Skool? Hip Hop? Dance? Make a power playlist and put it on! Our system is Bluetooth, if yours is we can put it on for you!

Just make sure there’s no swearing whilst the kids classes are on.

Get A New Outfit

Everyone loves a new outfit and we are lucky enough to have Sheryl who makes handmade, made to order, clothes. Try a new outfit and you’ll be excited to show it off!

View Clothing

Revisit Old Moves

Sometimes we struggle with moves, we never seem to progress. Trust me I’ve been here when I was injured. Maybe it’s flexibility? Maybe it’s strength?

Try and revisit the old moves and perfect them. This will help with building strength and give you a break from trying ones that are too hard. your body can relax and recover and you’ll have great fun realising how much you’ve progressed.

Take Pictures

Take lots and lots of pictures! Look back and them and think… wow I can’t believe I did that… or you’ll remember how excited you was when you first nailed that scary move.

Track Your Achievements

Do what I do… I have a separate Instagram just for my pole moves… It’s private, nobody follows me, and I don’t follow anyone else! It’s just my achievements over the years. Sometimes you can look back at them without anything in the way. If you don’t want to do that, have a separate pole folder on your phone or Facebook.

Find A Pole Buddy

Pole Buddies are awesome! They know exactly what you do, they can help you, and even take your picture. Non pole muggles have no idea the time and strength involved to get that pose. You’ll look forward to coming to see them too.

Make Pole Class Something You Look Forward Too

Pack your bag, put in grip, clothes and whatever else you need and make it a night to remember! When I first started I had just had my first child, pole was my only escape back to normality. I used to make a night of it! I’d pick up my friend, get some takeaway and have a great time.

Search For Inspiration

Instagram is amazing for inspiration. There’s all levels available. You can bring moves in and your instructor can help you do them.

Try A Workshop

Workshops can be fun! You don’t need to choose a hard one, just one that you will enjoy! You like to crawl around on the floor, choose a floorwork one. You like to do power moves and flips… choose a power one.

Book A Private Lesson

Private lessons are great to work on the things you enjoy. You can work on anything you desire!

Keep It Fun

Have a laugh, don’t take things to serious! Pole is supposed to be fun! You should have lots of laughs doing the classes.

Make A List

Figure out what you want to learn and make a list. Add your moves and tick off the ones you accomplish.

Stay Positive

Everybody is different! You might struggle with flexibility, and the girl next to you maybe made of rubber. Or you might struggle with any upside down… but you’re awesome at spinning. Try and focus on the bits you’re good at!


Stretching is great for improving your pole performance. You’ll find it easier if you stretch more. Try and find time to stretch. Remember we have a free stretch class for all our students.

Take A Break

Maybe you need a rest! Try to have a week break and see how you perform. Have a massage and come back refreshed and excited.

Try A Different Class

Every instructor is different, try and come on a different day! You might love it! Or maybe try an aerial class.

Train At A Different Time

Slump at night for your workouts? Try coming to a daytime pole class or weekend pole class! That might help you be on top form and have lots of energy for your class.

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