handstand on the beach

How to keep your strength when travelling

You’re really progressing? You can see how strong you’ve become? How flexible? But you’re going travelling!

Travelling can have a massive effect on our strength. Even if it’s just for two weeks!

For a start there’s the food… If you’re anything like me you’ll be eating your body weight in food, all those amazing delicacies piled high at the buffet. Those deserts and ice creams you just have to try whilst on trips.

Then there’s the alcohol… Well we are on holiday we can have another! Sometimes we do have one too many though, mixed with the sun and crazy measurements that the bartenders pour for you (like they are trying to kill you off!), our diet and exercise plan can go out of the window.

But what about the muscles you’ve built training each week? Losing muscle strength is one of the biggest fears of our travelling polers.

Many people overestimate the negative effect of breaks on strength. Unless you are traveling for months, you won’t lose much.

What exercises should I do on vacation?

It’s not hard to maintain your strength whilst in the beautiful sun. Firstly, there’s swimming, swimming is amazing for maintaining your strength. It helps shoulders, arms, backs, legs and even abs!

Secondly, there is the beach. Use that beautiful setting to get some amazing handstand pictures of you. Not only will we all be super jealous of you, it will help to maintain your strength.

There’s poles everywhere! Get on a street sign, a tree, or even a building! Rock out an awesome move and tag us in your picture. You’ll be keeping up your strength and get a fabulous new profile picture. Additionally, you can use your travel luggage as a dumbbell ha-ha.

Focus on your flexibility, so you can get some new flexy tricks when you’re back.

Sometimes it’s good to let your muscles rest for a while, have a massage and relax. Enjoy your holiday and pick up your training when you get back.

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