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Help me I keep falling

It happens to us all… we attempt a move, only to find the pole feels like it’s been coated in grease and your hands keep slipping out of position and slide down!

It’s so annoying! Surely there must be something we can do to help.

Tips to stop sliding

Improve your grip strength

The stronger your grip, the more secure you’ll feel on the pole. This will come naturally the more you pole dance.

If you want a quick fix, try a grip strength trainer.

Use a grip aid

There are so many different grip aids, we stock dry hands and stickum. We even have a selection for you to try.

Grip gloves can also help you feel more secure. Mighty Grip are a good brand to start on.

Take a break

Try something new! If that move isn’t working for you, move onto the next and come back to it. Grab a drink of water and take 5 minutes first.

Clean your pole

A dirty pole is hard to stick to. Use one of the wet clothes at the studio with solution on and make sure its dry afterwards.

Clean your hands

Washing your hands with soap and water really helps! If your hands are sweaty you will clean them and be able to start again!

Dry Skin

Moisturiser can be worn for pole… But only if it’s certain ones! Body Shop Sorbet is one you can wear for pole. Dry skin can be hard to stick to the pole.

Don’t stop

The more you practice the easier it gets… I promise! Your body will get used to pole and your grip will improve.


Good luck everyone xxx

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