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Funny things we’ve overheard in a pole class

Since we opened in 2010 we’ve heard so much funny stuff from our students and instructors.

Some of the funny things we’ve overheard in our pole classes!

‘Oh no! That’s no action for me tonight!’

‘I think I need more grip’ Whilst sliding down the pole…

‘You’re butt looks amazing in that move’

‘I have a friction burn on my vagina’

‘Damn, I left my platform stilettos in my other bag’

‘I’m Not a stripper, I just dance like one’

‘I’m not a stripper, strippers get tips’

‘I’m not a stripper… strippers just hump the pole’

‘My nipple fell out… was it on the photo’

‘Aarrggghhh my hand is stuck to your bum’

‘Hey check out this huge bruise I got the other day!’

‘Help i’m stuck upside down… can you get me out’

‘Its just skin, It will grow back!!’

‘I think I need shorter shorts, I don’t have enough skin showing’

‘Poles are so cold’

‘Kids get off the poles’

‘I think I could do a chopper on that lamp post outside’

‘Wanna see my pole bruise? It’s in the shape of a heart’

‘Hurry up and take my pic’

‘It seems weird doing this with clothes on’

‘I love my inner thighs! They could rush anything’

‘Can you see my vagina’

‘I’ve just kicked myself in the face’

‘When I try to shake my ass, my legs wobble more’

‘Open your legs’

‘Get your hips up to the penis in the sky’

‘Helppppp… my leg is stuck on my head’

‘Ooo my butt hurts’

‘I have a white hand print from the grip’

‘I need more skin’

‘I had to tell my Mum I wasn’t being beat’

‘My hands are like turtle shells’

‘I need to take my shirt off’

‘I like my pole smaller so it fits in my hand’

‘I think I left my knickers last week’

‘I’ll just whip my bra off’

‘Ow virgin skin’

‘Superman is kicking my butt’

‘Your toe went in my ear’

‘Your toe is stick between my legs’

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