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Encouraging children to do exercise

Everyone who has kids have all heard the same complaints from their little ones. ‘Mummy I don’t want to go tonight’, ‘Mummy do I have to do the class? I’m tired’, ‘Daddy please let me stay at home on the iPad or on the Xbox’, or what my eldest did every time I bought him a new kit or paid his membership ‘Mummy I’m bored of it, do I have to do it again?’

Why is so hard to get our little monsters up and active?

Unfortunately, some children just aren’t into sports, but that shouldn’t mean they should turn into square eyed Xbox monsters.

How do we get them to enjoy exercise or classes? Here’s some of our top tips to get them in the mood.

Limit Screen Time

Try and limit their screen time. That includes watching tv, surfing the web, watching YouTube or even playing video games. They should have no more than one to two hours a day. Try and do some exercise every day to get them motivated, even if it’s just walking the dog.

Find Different Classes They Will Enjoy

Not every child likes the popular sports like football or gymnastics. Instead look around for other activities your child will enjoy — like dancing, parkour, rock climbing, aerial, swimming, or even martial arts. My sons can’t stand playing football but love most other sports. They even love gymnastics and parkour.

Join In!

Kids love it when their parents play with them. Many parents are just so busy with day to life and work. Sometimes life passes us by. Try to play at least one game, family walk, group activity or even a trip to laser quest every day. It will not only strengthen your bond but you’ll all have a massive sense of happiness.

Show Them You’re Proud

Give them positive feedback, praise that move they did and congratulate them on trying hard. Kids need to hear this. It helps build up their confidence and they will learn reaching small goals will give them a great sense of accomplishment. They may also fear public failure or embarrassment. These kids need all the support and cheerleading you can offer.

Be Their Example

Practice what you preach! If you laze in front of the tv every night after dinner, with a massive bag of crisps and chocolate, or never take part in any sports how do you expect them to? Take the stairs, walk to school or even take up classes yourself.

Exercise Routine

Add that bike ride or exercise class into your normal every day routine. They will begin to expect it and in time accept it!

Let Them Bring A Friend

Your child is much more likely to stick at an exercise class if one or two of their friends are there! They will enjoy seeing their friends just as much as the class.

Real Life Scenarios

Does your child like karate? Martial arts? Show them Bruce Lee! A budding dancer? Put on MTV and have a dance off!

Make It Fun

Every class needs to be fun! Exercise included. Try and find a class that really tries to engage your child. Let them run around, laugh and have a great time.

Let Them Choose

Scary thought! Let your child choose what activity they want to do. They want to try ice skating?, rock climbing?, or even a soft play area! Let them be rewarded for doing so amazing in their normal classes that week. Maybe you’ll love it too and discover the big kid in you!

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