Common questions we get asked

We’ve been asked everything imaginable! Don’t worry about asking us anything… here are some of the common questions we get asked.

Is it suitable for me?

Of course it is! We’ll start off slowly and build your strength!

Is it dangerous?

Only if you don’t listen to your instructor!

Do you work as a stripper?

We get this all the time! None of our instructors work as a stripper… although I do consider it when the electric bill comes! Just kidding!

How can I build strength at home?

There’s so many ways to help with your training take a look here for more information

How long have you been poling?

All the instructors are different by myself (Claire) I have been training for 10 years

Why did you open the studio?

Because I loved pole! I wanted to share it with everyone!

How often do you train, dance or attend class per week?

All the instructors are different! We try and attend workshops and train in the studio. Every Monday we all train together!

Any tips for training?

Just don’t give up! Everyone gets there in the end! Look at our mistakes students make

Do you train on both sides when you pole? 

Yes, I think balance is important for muscles. If you only train one arm, you’ll end up with one huge arm!

What’s your favourite pole? Size? Material? Height? Static? Spin?

I love the titanium gold poles, I think the grip is good. My favourite is the 40mm as I think it feels safer for my small hands!

Do I have to wear shorts?

It does really help… If you don’t wear shorts you’ll slide.

Does my stomach need to be out?

Mine is never out! Nobody wants to see my wrinkly shar pei stomach! Some moves I do need to hitch it up for though.

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