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Common mistakes for pole dance

Pole dancing is an addictive excellent workout.

Newbie polers may find it overwhelming to approach the sport and many advanced students feel they need to learn something new every class!

Here’s mistakes a lot of people make with Pole Dance

Doing Too Much Too Soon

Pole newbies and advanced polers alike tend to be really eager to learn, which is good and bad. You need to build strength before attempting a move with is too advanced for you. For example, many of the advanced girls really want to do twisted grip handspring, but they can do ‘The D’ and can really injure themselves trying it.

You need to compare yourself to only you and nobody else! Only do what your instructor feels right. Pole dancing is not a race! It’s better to have the correct form and technique than injuring yourself and having to stop for months.

Underestimating Pole Dance

I’m not going to lie, Pole dance fitness is hard! Sometimes people underestimate how hard it is.

This is especially true for people who are athletic. Pole requires a different approach than anything you’ve probably ever done. More strength than you realise and even if you’re an athlete, you’ll have to start from the beginning.

Underestimating Yourself

I won’t be able to do it! I can’t lift my weight! I’m too big! I’m too thin!

People think that they already have to be strong in order to do pole fitness, but that’s not true! You’ll build up strength. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do push ups, pull-ups, or that you don’t have a six-pack. People also try two classes and give up! You won’t know if you enjoy pole until at least the 4th week. By then you’ve built up some strength and can start to fly!

Comparing yourself to others

We all do it! It’s so annoying. It happens at every level.

Some people just get every move easily, some people (including myself) have to work at it. We all have different bodies and what some people find easy some really struggle with.

Not Getting A Spot

If you are unsure, ask an instructor! We are there to help you! We don’t mind if you kick us or fall on us, just as long as your safe!

Using Incorrect Form

Your instructor should always tell you what points of contact should be on the pole and how you should hold it. If you practice with incorrect form, you won’t nail your tricks properly, or you could hurt yourself.

Not Checking The Pole Before Using It

Sometimes poles can be slippy! It’s happened to me, someone had moisturiser on and I went to demonstrate and… BANG! Always check the pole before you go on.

Wearing Moisturiser

Yep… people still do it! If you have moisturiser on, you could really hurt yourself or another student!

Not Wearing The Right Clothes

Experienced pole dancers wear less clothes as they get more advanced because the skin is a point of contact, but newbies tend to overdo it.

Everyone hates getting their legs out, especially in winter. Try and not wear full pants or at least roll them up to above your knees. Advice for clothing and buy handmade Pole Clothing

Skipping The Groundwork & Fundamentals

This is something I usually see when people train from home, usually by watching YouTube videos or copying moves from Instagram.

The problem with this style of learning is that you often skip the groundwork and technique required to progress safely. Be careful you don’t get, Poor technique, Lack of muscle engagement, Injury and Regression

Turning Up To Class Hungry

In a rush all the time? No time to eat before class? Or perhaps if you are working on fat loss you feel like you’ll burn more fat if you’re hungry?

Unfortunately, working out hungry won’t burn more fat, but it will likely affect your training. You’ll hinder your workout, you’ll lose energy and feel tired more quickly.

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