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Calories burnt in classes

One of the great things about starting an aerial dance or pole fitness class are the health benefits. From weight loss to muscle building and toning, our classes can have an amazing impact on your body.

Also add increased flexibility, endorphins, confidence and you’ve got an activity that can change your life!

But, what about the calories?

Let’s face it – calorie burning is just one of those things that a lot of us think about. “Did I work off that cake? Those 5 bags of sweets? That extra bit of cheese? Can I have another piece when I get home?”

Lets take a look at what some of our classes burn

Obviously everyone is different and we have based our results on the average person.

YogaFit (Crazy Yoga) 

This sweat-dripping, music pumping, flow class is unlike any other yoga class. You could burn up to 400 calories. You’ll always find a ton of ab burning moves in class and plank ab work. YogaFit blends the best aspects of yoga, cardio, and strength training into a body sculpting workout.

Strengthen your core, tone muscles, build strength, and high-intensity training (HIIT) drills to build endurance.

Bungee Fitness 

A bungee workout is designed to burn loads of calories, in each 45 minute class expect to burn around 600 calories. Bungee training intends to provide you with a high-intensity full body workout while you float weightlessly.

You get to train in exercises that will engage every muscle in your body. It’s meant to build your strength, core stability, your flexibility while you jump and float around the room.

A bungee workout allows you to spin, roll, twist, turn and jump your way through a high-intensity workout like never before. Imagine doing one-handed vertical push-ups. Imagine doing squats where going down is way harder than going up. We even do loads of core and abs workouts!

It’s an intense cardio and strength workout for your core, shoulders, triceps, and legs.

Pole Fitness and Aerial 

Pole and Aerial builds strength, there’s no doubt about that! But what about the calories? Well we have an extra 15 minutes of class time at the end. So In one of our classes expect to burn around 300-500 calories per session.

But as you progress, more muscle will likely lead to longer, more intense workouts, which can further increase how many calories you burn. When people talk about wanting to increase their metabolism, they usually mean that they want to burn more calories. If you become stronger you will add lean muscle tissue, the lean muscle tissue will increase your resting metabolic rate causing you to burn more calories throughout the day. Not to forget that bad ass feeling you get when you can haul a giant piece of furniture up the stairs all by yourself.

Every pound of muscle burns roughly six calories per day at rest. That’s about three times as many calories as a pound of fat, which burns roughly two calories per day. So we should note that by simply having more muscle, you’ll also burn more calories during workouts. That’s because you’ll be able to work harder and longer.

Zumba Beats

In one of our Zumba classes you are going to burn between 350 and 650 calories in an hour of Zumba, if they go at full intensity through the entire class. Zumba is a fantastic core workout. It uses moves during the workout that target the abs and back to increase agility and strength with the potential to tone and sculpt the torso. Our class is a high intensity class. If you need to rest you can!

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