aerial yoga manchester

Aerial Yoga

Work your core like never before, strengthen arms and tone legs with our aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses and aerial fitness using the hammock as a support to increase muscle tone, flexibility, mobility through reverse traction.

By stretching in proper alignment you will relax the tightness in the back muscles, correct your posture, create natural traction in your spine and quiet your mind. The weightless support of the hammock will allow you to safely glide to the extent of your flexibility with zero compression on the joints.

Aerial Yoga Classes Manchester

Aerial Yoga will relieve pressure on the spine and neck, lengthening your whole body, whilst supporting your body. Because you invert, by gently turning upside down, more blood and nutrients flow around your brain and body, improving circulation.

You will relax in the hammock and release all the tension in your body. Feel a sense of calm as you gently sway a few feet above the ground doing graceful yoga poses.

You can escape the world safely suspended in a super strong and beautiful hammock.

Perfect for the beginners, this class will introduce you, step-by-step, to aerial techniques.

Anti Gravity Aerial Yoga Hammocks


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