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Children’s Street Self Defence

Worried your child is being bullied? Are they walking the streets alone? Starting high school? Nervous? Scared of the monster under their bed? Then this class is perfect for them!

There is no monthly fee, no gradings, just classes every week to train them.

Kids Self Defence Classes

Defend themselves in any situation!

You will learn a variety of moves. Pressure points, blocks, kicks and punches and then practise in staged realistic encounters where you will use your new skills to defend yourself!

Fabulous mixture of lots of self defence styles to give you one, perfect self defence style that is modern, efficient and highly lethal close combat system.

Highly lethal mixed martial arts to teach them street defence. This is only suited to older children.

Parents waiting area, or parents can take part in our pole fitness or aerial fitness classes,

Every Monday 7.15pm -£5 age 7+

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Children aged 12+ can join the later class if they want to with their parents. Read More

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