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Results of Pole Dance Fitness

So you have heard all about the fabulous effect pole fitness dancing has on your body… but are they actually true?

Lets look at one of our Pole Fitness Students and see her wonderful journey of rediscovery.

Results of Pole Dancing for Fitness

About Angela

Angela has a high powered job and works shifts, so had little time to exercise and commit to training.

She became stuck in the routine of working and being a loving wife and as most ladies do, she put herself last. That all changed when she joined Pole Sessions. Angela loved her pole fitness beginner course! She was there every week and always worked hard and had a smile on her face!

As Angela enjoyed her classes she noticed the weight and inches slipping off and her confidence grow! Her confidence grew so much she even taught her friends a burlesque class at a party! I was so proud!

  • Measurements Before – 45 – 42 – 46
  • Measurements After – 40 – 36 – 40
  • That’s a whole 17 inches from her body!
  • Weight Before – 16 stone
  • Weight After- 13 Stone
  • A massive 3 stone weight loss!

This is a picture of Angela when she joined Pole Sessions.

Her weight here was 16 stone.

Angela joined one of our pole fitness beginner courses for 6 weeks and Zumba Fitness.

Angela had lost 3 stone and weighs 13 stone in this picture.

She was even started to tone up and continued with weight and inches loss. Muscle weighs much more than fat too!

And look at this move! Well done Angela!

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