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Pole Fitness – Intermediate

Now you’ve finished the beginner course you’ll probably have a few questions!

What happens now? Will I have a new instructor? What day will I come? How do I pay? Can I have a few weeks off or miss classes?

Well the intermediates is a much more simple procedure! You can usually stay on the day you attended your beginner course on… You just go onto the scary ‘Other Side’ where the poles are taller and everyone is in crop tops!

Luckily on the ‘Scary Other Side’ you’ll see your instructor is lovely and caring and the class again will be suited to you and your ability! We won’t have you flipping and dropping on week one… That’s in a few weeks (Only Joking)

Intermediate Pole Classes Manchester

As with beginners the course has been tried and tested for 8 years to provide the best classes for your level, whilst making it fun, enjoyable and injury free!

You’ll have a new instructor but she will bring a new style! There are plenty of instructors at Pole Sessions, we all teach differently and we all have our own strengths.

We are a happy family and you’re more than welcome to pop along to any of the classes with any of the instructors! You might find a style you love!

No Pressure

Most people still pay for 6 classes, but the difference is you receive a class pass card so don’t worry if you miss one or want to come more than once, you’ve paid for 6 classes not a course, so as long as you use it within three months it can take as long, or as quick as you want.

You can carry on your usual day or change days to suit you, just let us know!



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