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Pole Fitness – Advanced

You are physically and emotionally strong! You’re feeling empowered, you take risks and let yourself shine you are becoming admired by all.

Becoming an acrobat, with a new level of moves, inspired by the challenge and strength building.

You are really progressing now!

You are probably in your handspring and iron X and know how to hold your body using just your knees!

In these classes we will be doing more linking together and advanced moves.

You will be on the pole longer and this will offer an all over body workout.

Advanced Pole Classes Manchester

The class will also cover strength and techniques to make you super advanced!

Please note there are limited places so you must book your classes.

Each level is usually taken in 6 week courses where you come on the same day each week for 6 weeks. If you work shifts we can change your days to suit. Some people like to repeat this level to master the moves.

Every Tuesday 10am & 7pm, Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm and Saturday 1pm at our Manchester Studio