Pole Fitness

Our classes are never boring! You’ll get a great workout without even realising it!

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Pole Fitness – Beginner

‘I can’t lift my weight’, ‘I have no strength’, ‘I’m too big for pole dance’, ‘I can’t wear shorts’, ‘I’m too old to pole dance’ ‘I’ll pull the pole down’ About 80% of all phone calls start with this! Our answer ‘Yes you can!’ We have NEVER had anyone who couldn’t do it after doing…

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Pole Fitness – Intermediate

Now you’ve finished the beginner course you’ll probably have a few questions! What happens now? Will I have a new instructor? What day will I come? How do I pay? Can I have a few weeks off or miss classes? Well the intermediates is a much more simple procedure! You can usually stay on the…

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Pole Fitness – Advanced

You are physically and emotionally strong! You’re feeling empowered, you take risks and let yourself shine you are becoming admired by all. Becoming an acrobat, with a new level of moves, inspired by the challenge and strength building. You are really progressing now! You are probably in your handspring and iron X and know how…

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Results of Pole Dance Fitness

So you have heard all about the fabulous effect pole fitness dancing has on your body… but are they actually true? Lets look at one of our Pole Fitness Students and see her wonderful journey of rediscovery. Results of Pole Dancing for Fitness About Angela Angela has a high powered job and works shifts, so…

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How Our Beginner Courses Work

Firstly you choose a start date suited to you on our booking page… For example… if you can only attend Mondays then choose a Monday start date. They will have ◼️ next to them. Each week they start on a different day/time. Book your course online Pole Fitness Beginner Classes Then they will be every…

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Heels Class

Heels and Flow Classes A sexy, sensual choreography class using a combination of pole flow and floorwork in heels! Learn floor transitions to add a little more spice to your routines! These classes are designed to bring out your inner sex kitten! Open to all levels as no inverting is necessary Please bring your heels…

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Pole Fitness Doubles

Get twice the pole dance action with our doubles pole classes! Always wanted to learn fun doubles moves? Want to have some laughs and giggles with your pole bestie? Now’s your chance with our doubles pole workshop! No doubles experience is necessary! Occasionally we add doubles into our normal Pole Fitness classes. Please ask your…

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Men’s Pole Fitness

With the increase of men training on and around the pole in dance and fitness we have opened or doors to men! We decided to do our male classes in Manchester as more and more men discover what an effective method it is of gaining a stronger, more toned, larger muscles and more supple physique. Men’s…

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