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Lots of people are unable to perform some tricks and holds purely because they are not simply not flexible enough. Some people are naturally blessed with longer muscles, tendons and ligaments which makes them flexible without doing much. For the rest of us the only answer is to stretch, and stretch regularly.

Improve Flexibility

If you spend most of the day sitting down then your body will be aging quicker than someone who is active all day because your muscles will be getting shorter and tighter making simple tasks like picking something up harder and making you more likely to injury yourself in the process.

Stretching regularly will improve your posture, postpone the aging process as well as making you a better athlete.

You will be shown and achieve how to increase your range of movement, whether it be the splits, Back bends, relieving muscular tension or just simply touching your toes!

Free Stretch Classes Manchester

We stretch a variety of different muscles. Including shoulders, legs, hips, back and stomach!

Stretch and flex is just like your cool down but much more intensive. You will be doing stretches to make yourself more flexible.

Each stretch is shown safely and effectively. Partner stretches are also used.

Exercise stretches are great for athletes and weekend warriors alike. It increases your range of motion, keeps you functional as you get older, and gives you something to show off.

It can even help ease the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). As well as keeping you feeling great!


FREE Every Wednesday 8.15pm for all our members! £4 Non Members

You never know when you’ll need it!

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