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We love our students! So as a little thank you for all your loyalty, we have some free classes available to all students.

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Why do we do free classes?

Free classes for all members We love our students! So as a little thank you for all your loyalty, we have some free classes available to all students. Each free class will help you with the other classes you take. They are free because they are designed to build strength and combat the problems many…

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Total Abs

Looking for an intense abdominal workout? Our Abs classes are an intense conditioning workout focused on developing your core muscles. Core Strength Workout Class 30 minutes devoted to flattening and sculpting the midsection, toning and build and strengthen the abdominal muscles. We will target the obliques, posture muscles of the middle and lower back, and of course that…

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Resistance Band – RBT

RBT – It’s a 30 minute, full body conditioning class that employs resistance loop bands to sculpt and tone the arms, legs, glutes and core. This class combats many of the issues pole dancers or aerialists may encounter during their journey. We focus on building the muscles that help with joint stability in the rotator…

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Lots of people are unable to perform some tricks and holds purely because they are not simply not flexible enough. Some people are naturally blessed with longer muscles, tendons and ligaments which makes them flexible without doing much. For the rest of us the only answer is to stretch, and stretch regularly. Improve Flexibility If…

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Flying Pole

The Flying Aerial Pole joins aerial and pole fitness dancing together. The flying skypole hangs from the ceiling and spins! Its great fun and a fabulous addition to both our aerial and pole fitness classes! This is free for our pole fitness and aerial students to go on and have some fun! Classes are free to all…

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Aerial Playground

You must have aerial experience to attend this class. Train your moves, holds and routines without a class setting for free! Our mixed aerial fitness classes allow you to try all of our aerial fitness workouts at once! Perfect for those who can’t decide which they love most, or like to mix it up a…

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Pole Silks

POLE DANCING AND AERIAL SILKS MIXED TOGETHER = POLE SILKS CLASSES (AKA FABPOLE) Aerial Silks, Tissu or Fabric are two long pieces of soft fabric that hang from a single point, that people wrap themselves in. You can create many beautiful poses and stunning dance routines. You will increase your strength, grace and flexibility, while…

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No Babysitter… No Problem!

Want to join our classes... but you have no babysitter? Don’t worry! Pole Sessions is really child friendly. We know how hard it is to find babys...

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New Times For Children’s Classes

After many requests we’ve added Children’s Street and Break Dance and adults dancefit to our timetable! We changed the times so you can fit the...

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