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Bungee Fitness

We have an exciting new class at Pole Sessions Bungee Fitness! We are the first in Manchester and second in the U.K. to offer these classes!

What is Bungee Cord Fitness

What is it you may ask… Well… We use body harnesses and resistant bungee cord. We strap you in and literally fly around the room and off the walls!

It’s a high intensity workout guaranteed to lose pounds and tone up your body. Every muscle group in your body will be worked and its fab for core muscles.  The bungee and harness allows you to perform manoeuvres that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. You’ll be able to float weightlessly over the floor, fly around like peter pan and have great fun.

Our Bungee workout offers an extremely high cardio class that metabolism going to start burning fat immediately without putting stress on joints. Bungee workouts are a combination of core training, cardiovascular exercise, and resistance training.

Bungee Assisted Dance

Firstly you’ll be strapped into a harness, the harnesses are then attached to resistant bungee ropes that are suspended from the ceiling of the studio.

You’ll then perform lunges, squats, jumps, runs or even one-handed planks and push ups! The best bit… even if you can’t do a push up, the resistant bungee cord will make it easier! The bungees are designed to make some moves easier and others harder!

Do you like to get a great workout without even realising it? Bungee fitness delivers as much fun as it does exercise.

It’s suitable for all ages, strengths and abilities! No experience necessary.

Bungee Fitness Manchester

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