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Adult Dance Classes – Dancehall, Street and Hip Hop

Whether it’s Dancehall, street dance, commercial or even contemporary, we have exciting dance classes for you!

You don’t need to know how to dance, each class is suited to your own level and it won’t take long to learn the steps.

While we have a majority of women taking our classes, men are very welcome too! Don’t be shy.

Learn to Dance

These classes are a mix of exciting styles to teach you to dance and be confident. They can be used when you’re out and even at a wedding. Our classes are new so don’t worry about having two left feet!

Dancehall Classes Manchester

Dancehall comes from Jamaican dance.

Come and join us for dancehall grooves. The class starts with a warm up and we then gradually learn steps, moves and Dancehall foundations.

We always end the class with a short piece of choreography. Dancehall is so much fun! You’ll be shimmying and shaking off those pounds!

Beginners, advanced, intermediate, all are WELCOME!

Dance Classes Manchester

Classes are relaxed and enjoyable, and are a great way to get fit whilst having fun, making friends and learning some new moves.

You will be taken through a short warm up, have a breakdown of the moves and then learn a routine

This class is for you… whether you wish to learn some new moves for when you go out, hate boring exercise or just love dancing.

Street Dancing Classes

Street Dance is a graceful, powerful dance style which will help develop your stamina, co-ordination, and confidence.

Street is a freestyle, which incorporates other styles such as Hip Hop, Breakdance and House styles. Our Street Classes will introduce you to these core street styles, put them into practice with exciting choreography.

Everyone loves the street style of our dancefit classes. They are fun and action packed.

Commercial Dance Classes

Fresh current commercial choreography focusing on the core foundations of commercial dance. It follows the constant changing styles set by music videos & artists.
This is the type of dance you’d probably do on a night out! Just not drunken and much better!

Hip Hop Dance Classes Manchester

This bit is so much fun! TJ makes every class full of giggles too… You won’t even know you’re working out.

Please contact us for the next classes

Dance Classes Salford

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