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Children’s Karate

Our karate classes are suitable from 4 years old for both boys and girls.

Karate Classes Manchester

Our karate martial arts classes will build a strong foundation in martial arts and teach your child the values of respect, courtesy and self-discipline.

Not only will your child get much more confident, both in class and out, he or she will learn to follow instructions. Which I know from having two boys, that’s something all mums want!

They will improve their attitude, fitness levels and of course their co-ordination and balance.

We teach our young students how to be a success in martial arts, at school and of course in life!

Many of our students have now graded to yellow belt and are having a great time in our classes.

Taught by two Black Belt instructors, who have lots of patience and your child will enjoy the games we play in each class.

Every Monday 5pm – £4 and half price sibling discount.

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