Aerial Fitness

Includes Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Tippy Hoop and Trapeze.

You can also try Aerial Chains, Aerial Cube, Flying Pole and Aerial Straps occasionally.


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Mixed Aerial Fitness

Our mixed aerial fitness classes allow you to try all of our aerial fitness workouts at once! Perfect for those who can’t decide which they love most, or like to mix it up a little! Includes Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Tippy Hoop and Trapeze. You can also try Aerial Chains, Aerial Cube, and Flying Pole occasionally. Each class…

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Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop, also known as cerceau, ring or lyra, is another wonderful circus apparatus. You will learn beautiful manoeuvres and shapes while spinning on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. You can create amazing and beautiful poses and routines on the aerial hoop classes are always exciting. Aerial Hoop Classes Manchester We have both…

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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks, Tissu or Fabric are two long pieces of soft fabric that hang from a single point. You can wrap yourselves in the silks and create cocoons, swings and much more! You can create many beautiful poses and stunning dance routines. Aerial Silks Classes Manchester Increase your strength, grace and flexibility and each class…

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The Static Trapeze is an aerial apparatus consisting of a bar hung from ropes. Climbing, inverting, rolling and turning students discover their centre of gravity in many different positions. You will learn how to move from different positions with grace and ease while gaining strength and control. Trapeze Classes Manchester Trapeze is a fun, interesting,…

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Rotating Tippy Hoop

Imagine an aerial hoop that rotates! Our Rotating tippy hoop is so much fun! Use it as a regular hoop or you can use your body weight and where you grip to change the way the tippy hoop hangs! So you can really fly! Rotating Aerial Hoop There are some awesome moves you can master…

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Aerial Chains

Aerial Chains are a mixture between Cloud Swing (Corde Volante), Aerial Silks, Trapeze and Aerial Hoop, our aerial chains are fun! You will swing on them, wrap yourself up and do drops and slides. Performed on two loops and you’ll get some fabulous pictures. We don’t get these out all the time as they aren’t…

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Aerial Cube

Learn the basics of aerial cube artistry, create beautiful shapes within, below and on top of the cube. A perfect mixture between Aerial Hoop and Trapeze. You can even get some great doubles moves. Playing on the cube is fun! You’ll learn various mounts and dismounts, explore poses and transitions while working towards choreographed sequences. We will…

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No Babysitter… No Problem!

Want to join our classes... but you have no babysitter? Don’t worry! Pole Sessions is really child friendly. We know how hard it is to find babys...

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New Times For Children’s Classes

After many requests we’ve added Children’s Street and Break Dance and adults dancefit to our timetable! We changed the times so you can fit the...

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