Beginner Pole Classes Manchester

Amazing! You want to join some beginner pole classes!

You won’t regret it.

Pole dance for beginners provides a full-body workout that is such good fun, extremely addictive and is also a confidence boost for both women and men.

Beginner Pole Class Manchester

We boast Manchester’s prettiest studio, with twinkling fairy lights, sparkling walls and new equipment. We’ve been open for 8 years and our beginner courses are our pride of the studio. Each class is warm and welcoming. You’ll receive a free certificate, a free student booklet, easy to change bookings and of course an extra 15 minutes of class times.

Our beginners class focuses on building strength, confidence and correct technique for basic spins, transitions, floor work, climbing and sitting.

You’ll progress quickly in our action packed beginner courses.

Pole Dance Fitness Benefits

In our beginners class you will develop greater endurance, define your muscles and also increase your flexibility. Because they are fun we will keep you highly motivated and you’ll love the social side of pole dance.

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