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Thank you for visiting Pole Sessions. Here are some reviews and testimonials from our students.

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  1. I will try anything once, so I joined a pole dancing class with my sister as it was something we had never attempted before. At 38 years old, I thought I might be a bit ‘over the hill’ for this sort of activity, but Claire was very accommodating and made everybody feel completely at ease! We found pole dancing was a very good way of keeping fit and we all noticed an improvement in our overall strength and muscle tone, although we did pick up some bruises along the way!

  2. Claire is a brilliant pole dancer and teacher, her lessons are great fun and she is supportive and encouraging to everyone in the group. Thanks for all your help in teaching and inspiring me

  3. absolutley fantastic time at pole, learnt so much and even managed to do my invert :)

    thank you claire, will defo be bk on a weekly basis

  4. I have a new love….. BOKWA. I’d never even heard of it until i joined your studio. Its much more energetic than zumba and i’ve already noticed the weight dropping off. Thank you so much pole sessions :)

  5. Thank you for my aerial hoop classes claire. They are so much fun and I can’t wait for the aerial silk classes next. xo

  6. Always a great class at Pole Sessions. I now plan my week around my pole dancing class and start looking forward to my next class the minute I get home. Everyone is always nice and clapping when we complete the moves. Its my favourite place in the world.

  7. I’ve recently joined the beginners class at Leigh and I absolutely love it! Really helpfull and friendly instructor. I look forward to Mondays now so I can come to pole class!!!

  8. I relocated studios after getting a new job and pole sessions is just down the road. It is by far the friendliest, laid back pole studio I’ve ever been to. Claire is always helpful, encouraging and happy and brings a great vibe to the environment. All the students and other teachers are all so friendly, there is no pretentious behaviour here!

  9. I LOVE pole fitness, it is a great way to tone up and has given me more confidence. Was a little scary at first, but now I am in advanced and I love all the tough moves Claire makes us do to challenge us. Everybody has a great laugh and helps and encourages each other. Thanks to all the instructors for make it so much fun!!

  10. After gaining alot of weight i felt my confidence had decreased. When a friend recommended i try pole fitness i laughed at the idea and told her she was mad until she booked a class for us both and made me go. now im in advanced. love pole. love the instructors and the studio :) thanks pole sessions for turning my life…. upside down hehe :D xxx

  11. I love Pole Sessions. Claire is a great instructor and explains everything really well and we all have a great time in class. I am going to give the aerial hoop classes a go as well tonight as well.

  12. I decided to give pole fitness another try with Pole Sessions after attending another school. I was not only shocked at how much fun everyone had there but also at the lesson length. Claire gave us the option to stay for a free jam after every lesson. This meant I could really practise my moves. Every girl in the studio is nice and encourages you, there are no groups like there are in other studios. I highly recommend Pole Sessions. Thank you.

  13. Pole dancing got me out of my daily routines and gave me something to look forward to each and every week; I’ve met new people and feel great!

  14. In my recent private lesson with Francesca she helped me go through all the things I had been struggling with in my group lessons and let me go through them at my own pace, giving me tips and advice on the moves i found more difficult. The lesson really helped me improve and gave me more confidence on the pole. Definately worth doing and great value for money, thanks!

  15. I searched for a place to do pole fitness and finally found Pole Sessions, and it actually took me three months to sign up for class. I had tried to get friends to go with me, but they either weren’t interested or thought it was ridiculous. When I finally got the nerve to go to the class by myself, I was surprised by how welcoming and friendly everyone was at the studio. Other people taking the class cheered me on, and were really encouraging. Overall the class helps me to feel better about myself, raise my self esteem, and makes me feel beautiful. Plus, it has the added benefit of a really good workout. I encourage anyone afraid to enter the class, whether it’s a personal fear or the disapproval of others, to come on in and do it for yourself. You too can be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

  16. Francesca is a brilliant teacher, very motivating and sooo patient! I was really able to start mastering some moves I had problems with in my lesson. A++++

  17. I went to my first pole dancing class kicking and screaming. I’d had a long day at work and swinging round a pole was the last thing I wanted to do. I have never considered myself a graceful person. First we stretched and did a warm up and I started calming down. Then we actually started working on the pole, within 10 minutes you could not wipe the smile off of my face. I had found it, what I had been looking for and didn’t even know it. After the class I felt more graceful, and more confident; I wish every woman could experience this indescribable feeling.

  18. Thank you Francesca for my private lessons I was to scared to come to a group class at first, but now i’m loving my lessons. It really gave me the confidence I needed to start the lessons

  19. I helped to plan a hen party for a small group in June and as a surprise to the bride, we took her to Pole Sessions in Manchester. Pole Dancing with Claire was THE highlight of everything we did the entire weekend. Claire not only made everyone feel comfortable, but was able to bring out everyone’s sexy, fun side…even the shy ones! The other girls and I are STILL talking about it, wishing we had access to a pole to practice our routine, we loved it.

  20. After having my baby girl I wanted to start pole fitness to tone my body and lose my baby weight, but my job meant I could not make the classes at night time. Francesca at Pole Sessions helped me achieve my goals during private lessons and not only can I fit into my favourite jeans but I have a better body than before! I’ve had 10 private lessons so far and plan on having many more. Thank you Pole Sessions

  21. Thank you Pole Sessions I really enjoyed your classes you make them such fun, all my friends are joining soon.

  22. Thank you Pole Sessions. I love my Zumba lessons with you. I have already lost a stone, one more to go and i’ll be in my wedding dress.

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