Advice for pole dancing

Need some advice for pole fitness dancing?

Not enough grip

_TGP7082_1_wsSweaty hands are usually the cause of not having enough grip, and almost everyone has problems with this at some point.  Try to wash them before you use the pole and relax! We have cloths that you can use to wipe the pole with. This will help a lot!

You need to build the muscles in the hands and improve your strength and grip for some moves. Try to not give up and remember practice makes perfect!

You can use grip aids to help with your grip, we do not recommend them though as you need to build the strength yourself and once you use them you become reliant on grip and may not be able to pole without it! You can buy grip aids from the studio if you still want some!

proudSome other determining factors may be that you have moisturiser on. It is not a good idea to moisturise after your morning shower if you are going to pole dance that day, even if it’s not going to be until hours later. Also, be aware of any hair products you may be using. You probably run your fingers through it more often than you think.

Clean your pole regularly to make sure its not the pole causing you to slip. Also a warm pole is more grippy.


Too much grip

doubleThis isn’t as common as having too little grip. Sometimes when you spin you hear that dreaded squeak and you just stop in mid-air!  This is usually caused by gripping to hard and stopping your spins.

You will get used to the pole and as you get more confident you will start to loosen your grip much more!

Also try to clean your pole regularly to remove any build up of grip that there may be on the pole.

Grip Tips

3 on poleClean your pole regularly. Before, during and after use.

Clean yourself regularly too! If you start to get a bit sweaty, dry your hands and legs off, or wash your hands.

Use a towel to clean the pole. The thicker fabric and texture of a towel is much more effective at removing any grime or sticky residue on your pole.

Think about what you’re wearing. Your clothes can make a huge difference to your pole dancing. Shorts and a vest top are best.


How to clean your pole

group1. Always keep a couple of towels handy while you pole dance. At Pole Sessions we have one wet one and one dry towel to clean the poles.

2. Baby wipes or alcohol wipes are great for cleaning your pole. Wipe with a wipe and dry off with a towel.

3. Washing up liquid is great to add to your wet cloth. We use this at the studio.



hazel 2For those of you new to pole dancing, you have a lot of this to look forward to. But what can be done to help?

Can it be avoided?

Pole dancing relies heavily on grip, this will result in bruising and cannot be avoided for the most part. The bruises will start to go after a while as your body gets used to pole dancing!

Here is what you can do:

sherylStudy your move carefully as many bruises are caused due to not understanding the move.

Don’t try the same move repeatedly, this is more likely to cause bruises as you are using the same point of contact.

Make sure you always use a mat for any inverted moves.

What are bruises?

Most pole dancing bruises are superficial and will not cause any long term damage. Bruising occurs when the capillaries (tiny blood vessels under your skin) are broken or damaged and blood seeps into the surrounding area. These are tiny wounds that will limitheal by themselves and your body will become more used to pole dancing soon.

To treat a bruise:

For a recent swollen bruise try applying an ice pack. This will help take down the swelling.

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that many pole dancers use.





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Why pole dancing and aerial arts classes?

  • Build up your confidence and self esteem
  • Tone your body
  • Build your strength
  • Lose weight by having fun!
  • Improve posture
  • Improve flexibility
  • Meet new friends
  • You’ll have a great time!

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  • Parties and classes for hen parties, birthday parties or girls night out.
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Pole dancing lessons manchester
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