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pole dancing lessons in manchesterPole dancing is a unique dance form; it combines flexibility, strength, elegance, and posture in a fun and enjoyable way. Pole dancing never feels like a fitness class, it’s never boring, and you will always leave feeling you have had a great workout. At Pole Sessions you will focus on the fitness and weight loss element, combined with routines and athletic moves to ensure you have the best workout possible.

We offer some different classes for you to choose from… whether you are a pole virgin or a pole master! You will be amazed how quickly you will lose weight, change your body, shrink your waist line and feel great! It’s a sexy way to get your body tone and strong while giving you a cardio workout at the same time. Your body won’t be the only thing benefiting from the workout; your self-confidence will also improve!

pole dancing classes in manchesterPole dancing is taking the dance world by storm, and Pole Sessions will help you obtain the experience and the benefits of pole dancing, and discover this beautiful form of exercise! Our pole dancing lessons will give you the most intense workout ever without even knowing it!

We have any different levels and classes to choose from each pole fitness class is carefully structured to teach you pole dancing safely and effectively. Pole Sessions cater for levels of abilities. Whether you are an experienced pole dancer or just looking to start, we will have the right class for you.

Beginner’s Pole Fitness – Level One

Every Monday 7pm, Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm and Saturday 1pm at our Manchester Studio

beginners pole fitness dancing classes in manchesterThese are usually taken in 6 week courses where you come on the same day each week for 6 weeks. If you work shifts we can change your days to suit.

Your journey is only just beginning! This is our perfect introduction beginner class to pole dancing fitness. You will learn your first routine and pole tricks to tone and strengthen all areas of your body. You will learn what a fun and fantastic workout pole dancing is. Prepare to become addicted!

This class is designed to train you on the basic hold, spins, and transitions of pole dancing. If you have never taken a pole class, this class / course is a must! You will learn how to support yourself on the pole, basic holds and spins and walking. Be prepared to work muscles that you never knew you had!

If you’re a beginner and want more information on our pole fitness beginner courses click here

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What you will learn in beginners

Intermediate’s Pole Fitness


Every Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday  7pm, Thursday 7pm and Saturday 1pm at our Manchester Studio

Intermediates pole dancing classes These are usually taken in 6 week courses where you come on the same day each week for 6 weeks. If you work shifts we can change your days to suit. Some people like to repeat this level to master the moves.

You are feeling more sexy and confident about your abilities and you master different spins and poses up the pole and more inverted moves.

You must have completed the beginner course to join the intermediates as many of the moves are progressions and variations of the moves you learn in beginners.

You will be introduced to even more challenging moves, including viewing the world sideways and from above as you take your workout to new heights!

You will increase your upper body strength and improve your cardio with each move. We use the legs and abs much more in this level and you will be able to master moves where you hold the pole with different body parts such as your underarm, elbows and thighs. You will notice your body becoming much more toned by now!


Advanced Pole Fitness


Every  Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm and Saturday 1pm at our Manchester Studio

advanced pole fitness classes manchesterEach level is usually taken in 6 week courses where you come on the same day each week for 6 weeks. If you work shifts we can change your days to suit. Some people like to repeat this level to master the moves.

You are becoming physically and emotionally stronger. Feeling empowered you take risks and let yourself shine you are becoming admired by all.

You are becoming acrobatic, with a new level of moves, inspired by the challenge and strength building. You are really progressing now! You are probably in your handspring and iron X and know how to hold your body using just your knees!

In these classes we will be doing more linking together and advanced moves. You will be on the pole longer and this will offer an all over body workout. The class will also cover strength and techniques to make you super advanced!

Please note there are limited places so you must book your classes.


Super Advanced Pole Fitness

Every Monday 7pm, Tuesday 7pm & Wednesday  10.30am and 7pm, Thursday 7pm and Saturday 12pm at our Manchester Studio

pole fitness dance lessons classes in manchesterThis is the highest level of all classes. You are The Best of the Best!

As an extremely challenging test of strength put all your powers in your best routine ever!

You will be completing moves that are hard and test your ability and also put moves into exciting combinations.

This level continues for as long as you do, as there are always exciting new moves and combinations to be mastered. Each and every pole dancer is still learning and training with new moves!

Well done for getting to this level girls!


Other pole dancing fitness classes we offer:


Kitty Velour Heels Class

pole dance heels classes in manchesterTuesdays  – 8.15pm at our Worsley, Manchester Studio

This is a fun and challenging class!

You get to bring your heels and dance around the pole whilst creating fun and exciting routines! This class will help you bring the glamour back into your routines.

The maximum amount of students is 20 for the heels classes, so please book in advance to guarantee your place.

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Inversions and Tricks Classes

pole dance lessons in manchester, leigh and wintonThis class will focus on various inversions (upside down). For those who are not ready to invert, you will work on strengthening the muscles that will ultimately allow you to work on inversions. You will learn just inverted moves right into learning various pole inversions in multiple positions, there is even a challenge for the most inverted moves you can complete without touching the floor!

Improve your balance and core strength for Pole Fitness. You will learn strength holds, and pole techniques, for a core strength workout that’s FUN and motivating.

Then end with a free styling and incorporating what you’ve learned. You will be at levels intermediate or higher for this class!

Please contact us for the next inversion class


Sexy Flow Classes

learn pole dancing in manchesterYou will get an amazing total body workout by utilizing your sexiest pole moves and tricks. Sexy combo repetitions will help you gain muscle endurance and strength. This class will make you feel strong, confident, and sensual. You won’t even know you are exercising!

You will learn floor work, walking, eye contact, hip rolls and how to get in touch with your body and show that sexy comes from the inside out! All levels welcomed

Please wear heels for this class girls!

Please contact us for the next sexy flow class


Spinning Pole

good pole dancing studio in manchesterReady for some spinning pole?

We usually put the pole on spin in our regular classes but is that enough? This is on spin for a full hour and you will learn beautiful combinations and routines whilst spinning in the air!

This class is very unique and specialized, different from all other pole classes. For all levels, benefit from strengthening your upper body, learn how to lift your body weight and master your spins & tricks preparing you for more advanced pole dancing.

We incorporate some cardio with strength and flexibility training to get you in top shape to perfect your pole moves


Private Lessons

pole dance manchester

Private pole dancing and pole fitness lessons are a great way to get some one on one time with your instructor and focus on your weaker areas, learn new moves, improve your existing moves and build confidence in new ways through pole fitness.

Sheryl is our instructor for private pole dancing fitness lessons; her main areas are beginner, intermediate and advanced tricks, flow and grace, combinations and routine building.

Read more about Private Lessons

At Pole Sessions Manchester you do not only have a great pole dance class we ensure you will leave knowing you have learnt something new and exciting each class. With our move progression sheets, pole fitness grading and regular photos we pride ourselves on knowing you are not only having fun but also learning a new skill. Each class is structured to you and with at least 3 instructors on per night you will progress through the levels quickly!

All our 7pm classes are for at least 1 1/4 hours so you also get the maximum time on the pole.

Pole Sessions is the friendliest studio around; many of our students have been coming since day one. Our studio has a brilliant atmosphere as there are no nasty comments or nasty looks allowed. Everyone develops into a friend our classes are a joy to come into.


What to wear

hazel 2For all our pole dancing classes we recommend shorts and a vest top are best as you need your skin to be able to grip the pole. We do stock shorts if you are unable to find suitable ones. Bare feet, pumps or ballet style shoes are best. For the heels classes you can dress up or just put on any heels you have. (Please note do not wear your favourite heels as they can become damaged on the pole).


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Why pole dancing and aerial arts classes?

  • Build up your confidence and self esteem
  • Tone your body
  • Build your strength
  • Lose weight by having fun!
  • Improve posture
  • Improve flexibility
  • Meet new friends
  • You’ll have a great time!

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Pole Sessions Different-


Pole Sessions also offer:

  • Parties and classes for hen parties, birthday parties or girls night out.
  • We offer pole dancing for 40+ parties, and mums night out.
  • Pole Dance shows and performances for expos, corporate parties, concerts, celebrity birthdays and big events.
  • Party Pole rentals
  • Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, and SkyPole.
  • Kids Pole and Aerial Fitness
  • Childrens Karate
  • Childrens Bugeisha Street Defence
  • Yoga and Aerial Yoga
  • Children’s and Adults Fitness Classes
  • FREE Weekly Classes
  • Stretch and Flex
  • Abs Class
  • Bungee Fitness
  • Aerial Straps and Cube
  • Womens Self Defence
  • Childrens Dance Classes
  • Kitty Velour Heels Class
  • Free online pole fitness lessons





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Pole dancing lessons manchester
Pole dancing lessons manchester
Pole dancing lessons manchester