Aerial Hoop Classes

Aerial Hoop / Aerial Lyra – Monday 7pm and Wednesday 6pm – PAYG £8 or 6 weeks for £39

Aerial Hoop Class is part of our Circus Superstar Class

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Come experience a beautiful new way of expression and movement.

Aerial Hoop, also known as cerceau, ring or lyra, is another wonderful circus apparatus in which the student learns beautiful manoeuvres and shapes while spinning on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. You can create amazing and beautiful poses and routines on the aerial hoop and classes are always exciting. Each class is also structured to each student’s level and ability.

We have both the 1 point and 2 point aerial hoops at Pole Sessions both set at different heights off the floor so you can really get a feel for this type of fitness training.

What you’ll do in class

The 1 hour aerial hoop classes include a warm up, strength training, focusing on core and lower abs, conditioning tips, and stretching. You’ll learn at your own pace and level. You will learn various ways to mount the aerial hoop and poses using the aerial hoop. These classes are extremely fun.

Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and the basic ways to get up and down onto the aerial hoop / lyra. Once comfortable with this, they will progress on to harder and more advanced moves.

_TGP7223_1wsMore advanced students will learn more difficult skills, choreography and artistry. As your strength and confidence increase, you’ll be amazed at what you are capable of doing.

Appropriate for all levels, with no previous experience required.

Aerial hoop classes are available as private lessons or group sessions. Group sessions are limited to the number of students and you will need to book to attend. For private lessons, please contact us to arrange.

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What to wear

Aerial LyraIt is important to wear clothing that covers the backs of your knees and under your arms. You will want a top that can be tucked in to give your back protection. Long stretch pants such as leggings and a tight-fitting top are suggested. Shorts or vest tops are not recommended, and loose clothing may get in the way. No jewellery, fake tan, moisturiser, buttons or zips please.

Best part? Muscle conditioning and toning are easy when you’re holding your body in places and poses you have never dreamed of. Classes are small, and all skill levels are welcome, with separate hoop / lyra given to more advanced students.

Space is limited, so book now.

What is ‘Aerial dance’ and ‘Aerial fitness’?

_TGP7104_1wsThe word ‘aerial’ simply means ‘of, or in the air, like flying.’ Sounds fun already, doesn’t it? When most people think of ‘aerial arts’ they think Cirque du Soleil, which is right on track! Aerial dance has actually been around for hundreds of years. An ‘aerialist’ is someone who performs artistic or acrobatic moves and poses on a device that allows them to appear weightless in the air -allowing the onlooker to be awed by their graceful lightness and amazing poise.

Aerialists have always been a major icon in circus acts, and more recently in artistic creations and theatrical style productions like Cirque du Soleil. As the popularity of such shows have grown, more and more people have become interested in trying their luck on apparatus like the trapeze, aerial silks, lyra (hoop), rope and even the pole – also considered an ‘aerial’ device when defined by the person on it. The one thing all these apparatus have in common is that they require an immense amount of physical fitness to conquer. Thus, their allure has been a huge draw for those seeking to take their workout to an entirely new level.

Who can do Aerial Fitness?

_TGP7198_ppwsAnyone can. A great number of aerial apparatus are non-stationary, and require more control to master. Aerial Hoops are becoming widely used in gyms and fitness studios, and can be adjusted for skill level, size and comfort. This class is designed for beginners, so don’t worry, even if you don’t have upper body strength, you will still be able to do the basic moves.

We focus on fundamentals, building core skills and over time learning some fancy tricks. Aerial hoop classes will whip you into shape, whether your goal is to become a top-notch aerialist, or just to tone your body. Our instructors will lead you through strengthening and flexibility exercises on the floor at first and then in the air.

A beautiful combination of dance and strength, you will sculpt and tone your body in the air, as you increase your flexibility, strengthen your core and engage your full body.

By supporting and manipulating your own body on our Lyra or hoop, and Tissu Aerial Silk fabrics, you will find this form of fitness is fun and unique! Burn calories, gain flexibility, build muscle, and develop increased stamina in a creative and supportive environment. Students should be prepared to work hard, have fun, get stronger, and make friends while doing it!

Explore your physicality and creativity when gravity is not a factor.

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Pole Sessions Studio - Aerial Hoop / Lyra / Ring classes and lessons in Manchester. Cheap, Affordable, Small friendly classes and courses for beginner to advanced.

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Why pole dancing and aerial arts classes?

  • Build up your confidence and self esteem
  • Tone your body
  • Build your strength
  • Lose weight by having fun!
  • Improve posture
  • Improve flexibility
  • Meet new friends
  • You’ll have a great time!

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Pole Sessions - Aerial Hoop
Pole dancing lessons manchester
Pole dancing lessons manchester
Pole dancing lessons manchester