Pole Fitness Instructor – Claire

Name : Claire

Owner of Pole Sessions Studio

Which Studio? : Claire teaches in the Worsley, Manchester Studio and Also Leigh, Lancashire

What do you teach? : Claire currently teaches Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks at our Manchester Studio

About Claire


Claire is the founder of Pole Sessions and has been pole dancing for a number of years. She is fully qualified and has attended lessons around the country with some of the world’s best pole dancers and is also self-taught.

Claire is determined and can perform tricks and moves to a super advanced level and currently teaches the intermediate and advanced girls. Claire is very caring and patient and has also formed friendships with her students. Claire also teaches the aerial hoop and aerial silks.

While she was always athletic, she was never a dancer nor gymnast, when Claire was younger she used to compete in Martial Arts competitions around the country and even held the record for most consecutive wins and was the UK champion under 16′s champion! During school Claire also held the record for high jump and javelin, which as far as we know has never been beaten.

ClaireFueled by her passion and love for what this amazing sport has to offer, Claire will work closely with you to build your strength and cultivate your style to maneuver around the pole with power and confidence. Known for her strength, Claire offers many strength building tips.

Claire loves Challenges! From the age of 5 Claire worked as a model, completed a graphic design course and qualified as a nurse for the NHS and specialized in mental health. Currently as well as Pole Sessions Claire also runs a party planning company with her mother and also writes articles for a magazine and is currently training to be a solicitor!

Claire is in the Pole Sessions Sparkles and performs at many events in the UK

Interview with Claire


How did you get started pole dancing? I started pole dancing about 6 years ago, my friend had a pole and I used to go to her house and play on it once a week! I started having lessons and doing pole fitness regularly after the birth of my baby boy. I wanted to try and regain my fitness and tone up my body, but hated going to the gym for long gruelling workouts. I found once I’d started the weight dropped off and I looked forward to each session. It was like a social night!

Why did you start Pole Sessions? I started Pole Sessions in Manchester as a tribute to my grandmother. Whilst she was ill in hospital a pole dancer came on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, she knew how much I loved pole as I was always showing her my pictures and videos! She told me to always go for my dreams, believe in myself and share my passion for pole fitness. Sadly she passed away a week later and I opened Pole Sessions in her memory.

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What is your favorite pole move?Right now its Twisted Grip Handspring and Iron X. I love anything that challenges me!

How would you describe your personal style?I prefer to go for strong moves and love to putting challenging routines together.  I love to test my strength in all of my moves and routines.

How often do you pole? I pole every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at class, we have a training session every month to get some fabulous new moves too. I also try to attend all the workshops around the UK with some of the best pole dancers in the world.

beginner pole dancingWhat is your biggest struggle as a pole dancer? I fractured my spine around 5 years ago in a car crash and struggle with flexibility of my back. Many people just give up when they injure themselves that badly and against the advice from my doctors and family I carried on and I’ve never looked back!  My back is certainly stronger after starting pole fitness and I’m proud of all I have achieved.

What was your most memorable pole moment? Teaching my first class! I was so nervous beforehand, especially standing at the front of the class to do the warm up! Luckily all the girls were amazing and I loved every second of it! I love going to work now! I have taken my much loved hobby and changed it into a job!

pole fitness classesWhat is it about pole dancing you enjoy so much? I love to watch the very nervous beginners transform both their strength and confidence. They all have a great time and always make me proud! Everyone always claps and cheers for the first time they go upside down, and the smile they have on their face is priceless. They get a real sense of achievement and its all down to me teaching them. Its such a good feeling to know you are bring something special into their lives!

When I pole dance I love it when you finally master a move that has taken you ages… when you think you will never be able to complete such a hard move and after months of falling off you finally stick!!! I usually do some very girlie screams and run round dancing! (hehe)

claireWhat have you learned that has made the biggest difference to your pole dancing? Confidence! If you are confident you usually do the moves much quicker than if you don’t think you can do it! We also do strength building exercises at the studio, these really help with your moves.

What are you favourite tips for pole dancing? Enjoy it! Pole dancing is supposed to be fun and a release from daily life! Always enjoy your lessons and never come to class and think you can’t do it! Also if your hands are slippy wash them before class.

Who is the person who has had the most impact on your dancing? I love Felix Cane and Rebecca Butcher. They are both strong and beautiful dancers. Also my instructors Francesca and Kerry as they desperately trying to make me put more ‘sexy’ into my routines (Uphill battle for them though)

pole dance manchesterWhat is your favourite grip? I love Itac2 as it really helps stick your body to the pole. For my hands I don’t use anything!

What are the main fitness benefits of pole dancing and how has pole dancing improved your fitness, strength or body shape? My shape has changed since starting pole fitness, I am toned and even have a little 6 pack! I’m also much fitter now (I’ve never been one for the gym!)

What do you like to do when you’re not pole dancing? I love martial arts and any chance I get I try to have lessons! But most of the time when I’m not poling I spend time with my sons Jaeden and Harley and love nothing more than curling up on the sofa with loads of chocolate watching films with them!

pole dancing classesHow did you get into aerial arts? I love new challenges! I saw a aerial hoop video on youtube and really wanted to try it but couldn’t find any lessons in Manchester, so I bought one myself and started to practise. The aerial silks came about a month later!

What do you prefer Aerial Dance or Pole Fitness? I love all of them! If I had to choose it would still be pole fitness though as I feel I’m much more advanced in this!

So you’ve done TV, Radio, and opened more studios… What’s next? I’d love to do more TV shows as it was fun filming the show! I’m also going to add some new classes to the timetable very soon!

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Why pole dancing and aerial arts classes?

  • Build up your confidence and self esteem
  • Tone your body
  • Build your strength
  • Lose weight by having fun!
  • Improve posture
  • Improve flexibility
  • Meet new friends
  • You’ll have a great time!

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Pole Sessions Different-


Pole Sessions also offer:

  • Parties and classes for hen parties, birthday parties or girls night out.
  • We offer pole dancing for 40+ parties, and mums night out.
  • Pole Dance shows and performances for expos, corporate parties, concerts, celebrity birthdays and big events.
  • Party Pole rentals
  • Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, and SkyPole.
  • Kids Pole and Aerial Fitness
  • Childrens Karate
  • Childrens Bugeisha Street Defence
  • Yoga and Aerial Yoga
  • Children’s and Adults Fitness Classes
  • FREE Weekly Classes
  • Stretch and Flex
  • Abs Class
  • Aerial Straps and Cube
  • Womens Self Defence
  • Childrens Dance Classes
  • Kitty Velour Heels Class
  • Free online pole fitness lessons





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Pole dancing lessons manchester
Pole dancing lessons manchester
Pole dancing lessons manchester